Operating Instructions

4.1 Digitrax Set-Up: To be provided by:

4.2 Set-Up

– A layout to be designed using scale cardboard cutouts, to fit the available space, by a member designated at the previous meeting. DCC module to be approx. in the centre of the layout.

– Set up date and time to be agreed by members. All participating members to attend at that date and time.

– To start the set-up, all modules to be placed on the floor in their planned position.

– Whiteboard with layout diagram (industries) to be displayed.

– Module owners to provide:

o Legs (identified by colour or owner’s initials).
o Bolts/nuts/clamps
o Power jumpers (identified with owner’s initials).
o Loconet Cable (identified with owner’s initials).
o Tools (spanners, etc.)

– Set-up to be effected by two or more erection teams, and one or more electrical teams.

– Set-up to start with the DCC module, set to the correct height (1200mm) floor to rail height and level.

– Erecting teams to start assembling modules from either side of the DCC module.

– Each free end to be checked for correct height.

– Erection teams to ensure that all rail connections across modules are aligned horizontally and vertically and that modules are connected tightly.

– Electrical team(s) to follow the erection teams, plugging in power bus jumpers and Loconet cables, and testing for continuity and shorts across all joins and junctions as it moves along.

– Electrical team to connect the command module(s) and power up the layout. Check each UP5 with a tester and do a final loco test run from end to end.

– Electrical team to release the layout for operation to the meeting co-ordinator.

4.3 Break Down.

– All module owners to be present.

– Break down to be performed in reverse order to the set up.

– Electrical team to power down and disconnect the command module(s) from the layout

– Electrical team(s) to remove all electrical/electronic connections from the modules, leaving jumper cables and Loconet cables on top of the appropriate modules.

– Breakdown teams to:

Undo bolts and leave them next to the modules
Remove legs leaving them next to the modules on the floor.
Leave modules in position on the floor

– Owners to collect and remove their equipment.