Introduction to the Gauteng Freemo Group

Free-Mo (developed from Fremo,  a European modular standard)  is essentially a single-track end-to-end modular system based on American railroad operating principles.

The only real restraint is that each module or group of modules must have compatible end-plates, so any module with the correct end-plate can connect to another. Other than that, the modeller is free to model any form or shape desired, within the railroad’s overall operating concept.

Our concept is to model only HO-scale American prototypes in the mid-west for the period 1950 to 1980. Only DCC operation will be considered.

American narrow gauge in HOn3 and HOn30 can also be modelled as a branch line.

About the Gauteng Free-Mo Group

The group is based in Johannesburg, Gauteng Province, South Africa, and sets up whenever a venue is available for several consecutive weekends. A school hall during holidays is ideal, and means the group can meet three or four times a year. Assembling the modules and digital control system takes four to five hours.

Mike Richardson 061 922 3702
Erich Dokoupil 011 706 2151

The original members of GFG (Gauteng Free-Mo Group) in August 2012.
Left to Right: Francois, Johnnie, Richard Taylor, Donald, Richard Minter †, Herman, Erich, Nick †, Mike, Jorg, Wolf.